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Organizational Results, LLC delivers dynamic supply chain automation solutions that drive significant cost savings and revenue streams for corporations in healthcare, manufacturing, grocery, wholesale, distribution, education, and government sectors.

Enable Your Employees to Spend Smarter

Organizational Results has teamed up with some truly innovative Partners to collectively redefine e-Procurement solutions and to remove the risk of your next e-Procurement initiative.

Connect to 100% of Your Suppliers Electronically

Whether you are brand new to the EDI world or have years of experience, Organizational Results provides an intuitive and powerful solution to address all of your EDI requirements.


Turn Your AP Department into a Profit Center

Our proprietary software automates your Accounts Payable process from payment to reconciliation by enabling you to pay expenses with a single-use virtual MasterCard.

Ohio Public School Program

Organizational Results, LLC has unveiled an innovative, turn-key approach for all Ohio Public School Districts enabling the complete automation of the Accounts Payable process.  Our solution transforms Accounts Payable into a Profit Center.

We offer the industry high monthly flat rate rebate on all spend that is processed through the solution.

Generate cash by paying the bills that you would have to pay anyway.

More information coming soon.

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