Stop wasting time and money with your current supply chain processes. Help your organization streamline its supply chain from e-payables, to EDI, to e-procurement. Organizational Results helps you generate recurring revenue while saving time and money every step of the way.

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three services to suit your supply chain needs


Our e-Payables solution provides cash back on paying your existing bills and turns your accounting department into a profit center. Organizational Results does all of the heavy lifting to install and onboard suppliers all at zero cost to your company.

Generate recurring revenue on bills you are already paying.


EDI or Electronic Data Interchange takes the guesswork out of tracking orders. Always know what’s been ordered, for how much, and what you’re being billed for. You’ll know where your orders are every step of the process.

Reduce errors while allowing employees to reduce time spent on tracking down information.


Have all of your vendors and contracts in one place to make purchasing so much simpler. We’ll create your company a private, custom online store to purchase from any of your approved vendors.¬†

Combines the best in requisitioning, budget visibility, and dynamic approval processes. This solution will reduce off contract spend by up to 50% in the first year showing an average savings of 10% of each dollar of spend.


Use just one of our services or combine all three together to create a seamless procurment process. You’ll see noticeable improvements to your bottom line within 90 days.


  • Improved turnaround times
  • Cost savings in operational efficiency
  • Enhanced quality of data to reduce entry errors
  • Automate A/P process to increase revenue
Org. Results Services


It’s easy to implement one, two, or all three of our services with our proven process. Whether you’d just like to get started with e-Payables, or you’re ready to add e-Procurement to your lineup, Organizational Results will be with you every step of the way.¬†

Proven Process

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percent reduction in contract spend

percent savings from current company

percent supplier connectivity

percent reduction in off contract spend


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